What is a VPN Connection?

A VPN or virtual private network connects two devices privately and securely over an unsecured public network - such as the Internet. VPN uses different types of protocols to securely encrypt the connection, preventing it from hacked or monitored. The protocols are designed to create a virtual tunnel between the 2 devices, and are often referred to as 'tunneling protocols' - the tunnel is then used to feed all of the communication between the devices through, and in doing so, makes the communication inside the tunnel almost impossible to access for hackers, snoopers and government agencies. A VPN connection is the most secure way you can connect to Internet and we strongly recommend you use one for everyday browsing, most importantly though, you absolutely must use a VPN connection when browsing the Internet over Public Wifi. Public Wifi is the least secure type of internet and leaves users vulnerable to attacks/hacks from other users on the network, and even by the network owner themselves. The network owner can monitor and see all traffic across their network - that is, unless you use a VPN connection!

VPN is a service tailored to the needs of Brits living abroad. Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts all data that passes between your desktop PC, laptop, or mobile device, and our VPN servers. Our VPN service allows you to surf the internet without your ISP (or GCHQ!) looking over your shoulder at all times, and to use WiFi hotspots at public café’s and airports without worrying that your data might be stolen by hackers. This is because all data that passes between your internet capable device and our severs is securely encrypted. Simply put, no-one else can read it! Online security and privacy are great, but what about having fun? When using Blighty.Online you connect to the internet via our servers, which are located in the UK. This means that you can access UK websites and online services just as easily as you can back home!