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Secure Your Internet and Access TV From Anywhere!

ubanVpn is a VPN service tailored to the needs of people living abroad. Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts all data that passes between your desktop PC, laptop, or mobile device, and our VPN servers.

Our VPN service allows you to surf the internet without your ISP (or GCHQ!) looking over your shoulder at all times, and to use WiFi hotspots at public cafe's and airports without worrying that your data might be stolen by hackers. This is because all data that passes between your internet capable device and our severs is securely encrypted. Simply put, no-one else can read it!

Online security and privacy are great, but what about having fun? When using ubanVpn you connect to the internet via our servers, which are located in other countries. This means that you can access other countries websites and online services just as easily as you can back home!

Introducing ubanVpn

Browse Privately

Your ISP can and does monitor everything you do online. This data can be used to deliver targeted advertising, sold to third party analytics companies, or handed over to your local government. Using ubanVpn protects you from this kind of intrusive snooping by encrypting your data as its travels between your computer (which includes your mobile phone and such like), and our servers. This ensures that your data is secure, and that your online activity remains private.

Watch TV

As expats ourselves, we know that TV shows and sports coverage in on the biggest things we miss about home! With our VPN service, however, you can access the full range of online TV streaming services as easily as your friends and family back in ubanVpn can! With ubanVpn, you have unrestricted access to services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Channel 4, and more!

Stay Secure

As expats we like to travel, but mobile data plans are pricey! Therefore we love free WIFI provided at airports, cafe's and hotels. Unfortunately, using these is very dangerous. Criminals often setup "eveil twin" hotspots, and poorly configured routers can leave your data exposed for the world to see! Because ubanVpn encrypts all your data, however, you can use public WIFI hotspots safely, even if they are compromised by hackers!

Secure browsing

Secure and Private Browsing

Using the ubanVpn service ensures that all your internet data is encrypted as it travels between your computer or mobile device and our VPN servers. This means that no-one – not your ISP, not the government of your adopted home, not the British government, and not any criminal hackers, can intercept your data (well, they can try, but all they will see is random rubbish which they cannot read because they do not have the correct encryption keys.)

In addition to this, using ubanVpn helps to keep your identity safe from websites and suchlike while online. This is because you access the internet via our VPN servers, so anyone watching on the internet will see the IP address of our servers, instead of your real IP address.

At ubanVpn we believe in privacy, and that what you get up to online is your business, and your business alone. To this end we use strong encryption (link**), keep no logs of your online activity at all, and use shared IP addresses - which makes it very difficult anyone (including us!) to determine which of one of many users sharing the same IP address does what online.

*Please be aware websites and advertising companies are very sneaky, and use variety of highly sophisticated technologies to identify and track you online. A VPN service such as ours should therefore be regarded as vital tool in your privacy toolkit, but there exists no such thing as a one-stop solution to the problem.

**All uban VPN connections are secured using the OpenVPN protocol. This is the industry standard because it is widely regarded as the most flexible and secure VPN protocol currently available.

For the tech heads out there, our OpenVPN connections are secured using the following technologies:
Data cipher: AES 256-bit
Data authentication: SHA-1 HMAC (which is resistant to SHA-1 collision attacks)
Handshake: ? (e.g. RSA 2048-bit or Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH))
Control/handshake authentication: ? (e.g. RSA or ECDH) - optional

All our connections use ephemeral keys (Perfect Forward Secrecy). This means that encryption keys are refreshed on a regular basis, so in the unlikely event that one is compromised, any potential damage is minimised. When ephemeral keys are used, OpenVPN connections are widely regarded by experts as secure against even the NSA.

A taste of home

Enjoy your favourite shows from back home from wherever you are

As expats, many of us pay for our annual home country TV licence, and subscribe to home country-based streaming services such as Sky Online. It is very frustrating, then, that we cannot use these services, which we have paid for, when living abroad!

With ubanVpn, however, this is no longer a problem! Connecting to one of our high-speed home country-based VPN servers effectively gives you a home country IP address. This allows you to access any home country-based online service, just the same as if you were watching in the home country!

This includes BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, and any home country service that you subscribe to. These can be accessed using your regular Windows PC or Apple Mac browser, and from your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android tablet. Our service even works with your Sky HD Box! And because our high speed servers are located in high bandwidth (Tier 1) data centres, you are unlikely to suffer stuttering or buffering problems when streaming high definition content!* *We have no control, of course, over the internet connection speeds provided by your local internet provider.

Introduction to ubanVpn

Introducing the ubanVpn range of products

In addition to our regular uban VPN service, we are proud to announce the ubanVpn-Box and ubanVpn-Duo!

The ubanVpn-Box is a portable VPN router that you can carry around in your pocket. By connecting any internet capable device to the ubanVpn-Box, it instantly gains all the advantages of using our regular uban VPN service. No software downloads or configuration required!

Even devices that cannot normally be configured to use VPN (such as SmartTV’s and games consoles) can use the ubanVpn-Box to pretend that you are really in the home country! Just plug it into a USB socket for power, and into any regular router via an Ethernet cable, and you are good to go!

The ubanVpn-Duo takes accessing your home country entertainment to a whole new level! It provides a direct internet connection between your home in the home country, and wherever you live now. With ubanVpn-Duo installed, you can access all your home LAN resources, including your network printer, NAS media servers, IoT devices and more. You can, of course, also directly access files on your home PC, and can stream them to wherever you are in the world. And because you access the internet via your home internet connection, you can watch home country services just as if you were at home! Just plug one Duo device into your home router, and the second into the Ethernet connection wherever you are, for zero-configuration access to your home network and to surf the internet from your home IP address.

Our easy access software, just connect and surf privately, no logging no snooping avoid being targeted or sniffed out whilst you are travelling or even from home/office. Runs on Android, IOS, OSX and Windows.

Even devices that cannot normally be configured to use VPN (such as SmartTV’s and games consoles). Just plug it into a USB socket for power, and into any regular router via an Ethernet cable, and you are good to go!

Secure, identity private internet use from your devices with a choice of your end point for surfing. Ethernet cable, mini-usb charging cable and of course our ubanVpn-Duo. You can also have optional additional sessions and optional WiFi adaptors pre-configured to connect to your ubanVpn-Box.

  • - surf in private from multiple devices
  • - always private surfing, email, additiona security
  • - put your devices virtually in another country
  • - tv, apple tv, sktbox,digitalbox, satellite box,pc,mac,phone,tablet
  • - No software

Surf in the home country securely and connect to your home network to access all your standard home country content gets your remote devices back on your home or office network allowing you to be as if you were at home or office. No software back to back connection to your home or office network. Includes 2 ubanVpn's, 2 ethernet cables, 2 charging cables. ubanVpn duo the ultimate secure connection via your home.

  • - connect and watch tv as if you are in your on home
  • - access you home network
  • - no programming
  • - plug and play
  • - now all your tech can look like its on your own network from your own home - after all you paid for it didnt you
  • - tv, apple tv, phones, tablets , mac, pc, satellite decoder, internet radio,IOT
  • - no software or programming
  • - support to install (as if you would need it)


Be amazed at the power of the ubanVpn and ubanVpn-Box!

Beautiful yet wonderfully functional and easy-to-use technology with world class support

Powerful Hardware

Featuring the powerful but highly energy efficient ARM Cortex-A53 processor, our Boxes are full-blown Linux computers that are fully configured and optimised for your needs. Integrated 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1 ensures flexible and fast connectivity.

Easy "Non-management"

The ubanVpn-Box and the ubanVpn-Duo are truly plug-and play devices! All updates and system maintenance is performed automatically, and is scheduled to occur during quiet times to ensure that it does not impact your network performance. This requires no input from you, so just relax!

Customer Support

Live customer support from our team of qualified network professionals is available all day, every day (07:00 – 22:00 Central European Time). Outside these hours you can leave us a message, and we will get back to you within a maximum of 4 hours. We consider excellent customer support to be core feature of our service, and are very proud of the quality we provide.

Local IP Access

Both ubanVpn and ubanVpn-Duo gives you full remote access to your home LAN network. This includes printers, NAS drives, and media servers. Using a Chromecast or Airplay device you can even use the ubanVpn-Box and ubanVpn-Duo to stream audio or video to your big screen TV wherever you are!* And because you surf the internet from your home IP address, you gain unrestricted access to all online home country TV services. *This feature may be limited depending on your content provider.

Firewall Protection

Allowing remote access to your home network does, of course, present some dangers. To ensure that your home network resources are 100% safe, our Boxes are built using a robust Linux Operating System that features a built-in high performance firewall designed to protect you from any network vulnerabilities.

Multiple Device (ubanVpn-Box)

You can connect multiple devices to ubanVpn-Box, including your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device, Xbox, Apple TV, Chromecast, SkyHD Box, and more! If it connects to the internet, then you can connect it to the ubanVpn-Box! Note that WiFi is required, but we offer Ethernet to WiFi dongles if needed.


There are so many other VPN solutions out there after all

we are no software solutions, our devices are plug and play. not a tech geek? No problem! NO need for tedious set up and hours to spent on the phone with customer service

The biggest draw for our customer is that our solutions work with anything that has a wifi receiver. since there is no software involved there is no restriction on what device can use your VPN connection.

while our devices are made to be as easy to set up as possible we know the problems happen. Thats why our support team is world-class and always ready to help


See how our customers use our products


"Our dorm's internet connection has a lot of website blocked and school pc's dont allow installation of new software. ubanVpn made it easy for me to browse the web for school-work and leasure"

John(football fanatic)

"Following my team when i am abroad means that i can’t access my TV services that I am already paying for at home. Having tried many VPN services that involve me becoming an IT expert and need software on each device. Now i just connect to my ubanVpn wifi wherever i am then i am watching the match as if i am at home. Just brilliant ! "


"We have more than 1,000 mini offices with 2-3 people working. Using our ubanVPN device, customised to our needs, has been a great cost saver for our business and provides us with secure communications including phone, email, and access to datacentre applications. The maintenance is zero so we can just use our VPN like it is a utility. No technical challenges, connect to the WiFi and that’s it. I would definitely recommend ubanVPN"


Simple pricing, guaranteed

The ubanVpn range of products and services


Software VPN solution

Runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Android and IOS

Install on as many devices as you like

Limited to running on 3 devices at a time

ubanVpn Assist remote setup assistance



Plug & Play connect to ubanVpn

No Software Required

Unlimited Devices maximum 3 simultaneous sessions

Includes 1 year ubanVpn Subscription, ethernet cable, mini-usb charging cable and of course our ubanVpn-Box

Optional additional sessions

Optional Wifi Adaptors pre-configured to connect to your ubanVpn-Box

€99.99 introductory year deal,
includes 12 months ubanVpn access + ubanVpn-Box €79.99


Access your home resources securely

Surf the internet from your home IP address

Includes 2 ubanVpn-Box's , 2 ethernet cables, 2 charging cables

Includes a ubanVpn Subscription

Unlimited devices/connections

€199.99 for 1st year,
€4.99 per month thereafter